Another "Which free game to choose" topic.

#1Adrian2040Posted 4/28/2013 2:41:28 AM
As much as I like Mario games, I already own Super Mario 3D Land (Physical) and I beat it with 100% completion. The game doesn't seem to have much replay value.

I already own Star Fox 64 3D (Physical. I also own the original). I already obtained all of the medals in the 3D version, but this game seems to maintain a high replay value (Though I'm afraid I'll get bored at some point). Also, I really enjoy the multiplayer.

I already own Professor Layton and the Mirale Mask (Physical). While I still haven't beaten it, I know for a fact that once it is over, it is over. So I'm pretty sure that the replay value for this game is very low to non-existant.

I don't own Freakyforms or its Deluxe version. I've read about the differences between both and they seem minor. I feel as if I'd be getting ripped off if I chose this game, especially when I can get the other, better choices. Then again, I don't own this game.

I don't own Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone, but I own Colors! 3D. It seems that Colors! 3D has the better toolset, but I'm not too versed in the art of drawing on a screen (I'm not an expert on a canvas either) and I could use some lessons. Though, I'm not sure if that would justify my choice.

Thanks in advanced for your help.
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Your best option really seems to be Freakyforms.
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I also have Super Mario 3D Land (also physical version), but after much debate and consideration, I finally chose Super Mario 3D Land as my free game. Seems it's the only game I'd actually consider playing again, not to mention its the only available title with the highest price tag. Finally, it doesn't hurt to have a solid platformer readily available on the machine.