Have you ever chosen video games as a topic for an school assignment?

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User Info: tooweak

3 years ago#21
Junior year in High School
Went with a research paper on the history of RPGs, but due to excessive scope narrowed it down to Japanese RPGs. Named the essay after something Wiegraf in FFT says although I stopped the paper at FF7. Got an A, even though 2/3 of the material was just finding sources for what I already knew :D.

Senior year in High School
re-wrote Oedipus using videogame quotes (had to modify some quotes due to names and such of course). Was NOT aware of the SF2 pictures + game quotes Romeo and Juliet rewrite on internet at the time.

Freshman year at Junior College
On a final exam used FF8 as an example of how music moved me emotionally. Naturally a lot of the music analysis I did had references to certain game music that seemed inspired by "real" old music despite none of the music I analyzed being from games. Consistently got As on the analysis and on the final exam too.
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User Info: pbandjames

3 years ago#22
brigadier_101 posted...
I wanted to incorporate them into my dissertation somehow, but I couldn't think of any relevant link they have to the environment. So I went with river water quality instead. :/

You could have mentioned all those ET Atari cartridges dumped into landfills, lol.
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User Info: CryWolfe

3 years ago#23
I wrote my Bachelor thesis about narrative in video games.
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User Info: ZBug_

3 years ago#24
I intentionally avoid the subject. Too many people are biased against video games for non-existent reasons.
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User Info: theGirlyGamer

3 years ago#25
In my Statistics class in High School, I created a project centering around preferred races in one of my favorite MMORPGs. Got an A on it. It was pretty great.
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User Info: knuxnole

3 years ago#26
Yes. For two college assignments

English: Research paper on video game violence, the myths and truths about how it affects society.

Poetry: Writing a poem about the Legend of Zelda.
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User Info: Jakerific44

3 years ago#27
Yeah, all the time lol
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User Info: pbandjames

3 years ago#28
Lol, I thought I hadn't at all, but then I remembered that I wrote a university English essay on action video game playing benefits. I got an A (1% from an A+, actually).

But I only wrote on that subject because it seemed the best to write out of the 8 general topics the professor listed. I could have also wrote about the other chemicals beside THC in marijuana, or the history of rhetoric (my prof added the dry rhetoric topic as a joke, kind of).
Game news is the best news.
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