Need a great game for a 2 year old

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wufei8706 posted...
01Philip01 posted...
Make sure the 3d is disabled in parental settings.

And the Internet.

Yup! Them 2 year olds are always trying to look up internet porn!
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Resident Evil Revelations
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Kids 5 and under should not play $200 handheld consoles.
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abbyhitter posted...
Kids 5 and under should not play $200 handheld consoles.

Kids 5 and under however should operate heavy machinery.
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Mario Kart is the #1 cause of infant profanity usage (and anyone else who has touched the game). Id oick not Mario Kart 7. Too many blue shells for ones sanity.
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I don't have the game myself, but a 2 year old might like Kersploosh!. People say it's fun, if not a bit too simple. Check the videos if you want to find out more. By the way, this is an eShop title, so you'd have to download it. It is rated E, in case you wanted to know.

Also, agreeing with the other posters, enable the parental controls for 3D and internet, if you haven't done so already.
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