Do you think Nintendo's next gen handheld after the 3DS will be pure digital...

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lanif posted...
i doubt it they better have a psn style account system before then

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TiamatKiller posted...
America isn't going anything digital-only until we decide we want to compete with the Asian countries in terms of internet availability, connectivity, and speed.

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I wouldnt completely rule it out, but its unlikely. Maybe they will include a cartridge slot so it can play old 3ds games, but have "4ds" games digital only? Technology changes so fast who knows what the next ds will even be.
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Would only happen if they implemented an account system. Even then it would be a one-off iteration ala PSP Go.
how do you turn this on?
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maybe if digital sales overtake psychical sales in the next 3 years
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90sRetroGaming posted...
lanif posted...
i doubt it they better have a psn style account system before then

They're working on it, it's called the Nintendo Network ID.
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esoteric42 posted...
Ever hear of the PSP Go?

The next Nintendo handheld will NOT be pure digital.

Right now digital accounts for 10% of software sales for Nintendo retail titles.

This is a transition generation to digital, to see if it catches on.

Nintendo is slow to change. We have one more generation of game cartridges before they make the switch to pure digital.

They need consumers behind it first.

Yeah, Nintendo is always a generation or two behind the other gaming companies. When Microsoft and Sony go pure digital, give it another generation until Nintendo does.
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