How much do you think the Pikachu 3DS XL is going to be worth?

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If I sell it now how much do I get for it?
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The_Orignal posted...
If I sell it now how much do I get for it?

A lot of people are paying $300-330 for unopened Pikachu 3DS XL's right now.
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whitaker6490 posted...
lol, guys, just because some moron put their Pikachu GBA SP on eBay with a Buy It Now for $800 doesn't mean that people are going to buy it. There's one on there in great condition going for $130.

You're not going to get anywhere close to $800 for the Pikachu 3DS XL. You'll have to sell it during the holidays and you may get $250-$300 for it, but after that, it's value is only going to go down from what you originally paid for it.

You obviously don't know much about hardcore collectors. They don't care about opened items, no matter the condition. I've sold a brand new and unopened Lime Green Game Boy Color in 2010 for $299.99, the Persona 3 Social Link Expansion set for $249.99, Tales of Vesperia Collector's Edition for $249.99, and the Mass Effect Collector's Edition for $399.99. I could go on, but you get the idea.

That was all a few years back, and new versions of those have become even harder to find.

But to put it simply, the less there is of something out there brand new, the more valuable it becomes. And if you're the only person that has one left, you can name your price, and a collector will find and buy it in time.
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So are you saying if I don't open my pikachu 3ds let say in a year it will be worth a lot than?
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I was thinking about this earlier today. My local Wal Mart still has a few Pikachu XL's in stock and considering how remote of a aera I live in, they'll probably be there for a while.