purchased a new 3ds XL from gamestop.. they were out of luigi's mansion

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sinisterorion posted...
How is Luigi's Mansion? I wanted to purchase Super Mario 3D Land eventually but since I can get it for free with Luigi's Mansion I figured I should just purchase Luigi's Mansion today but I wanted to know if it's really worth the purchase or not (I have not played any of the Luigi's Mansion games before).

How are you guys enjoying the game?

Also does the XL have enough space on it's own for both games to be downloaded or will I need to get a new SD card for it?

(Sorry for adding to your topic but I thought this would be simpler then creating a new one)

You won't regret buying Luigi's Mansion, the multiplayer is one of the best on 3DS. Getting 2 games for 1 is completely worth it.
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x_stevey_x posted...
awesome thanks so much everyone. just purchased the download from gamestop in store and got my free mario 3d land. :)

You now have 2 of the best games on the 3DS. :)