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User Info: Mohammad5566

3 years ago#1
I wanted to know if there is any way I could make the counter below Resident Evil: Revelations demo back to 30, like when you download a demo, the counter says how many more times you can play the demo.

I want to play the RE:R demo again (too cheap to buy full game) but the counter is at 0.

How can I make it playable again? Give me ANY tips!?
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User Info: rick alverado

rick alverado
3 years ago#2
I would assume it would work if you reformat your 3DS to return it to factory settings, but then you'll also lose anything you have on your system, so I wouldn't recommend it. Otherwise I don't know of anything you could do. Although I do thank you for answering something I've been wondering, namely whether the demo stays on the system when it's down to zero uses.
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User Info: LinkMaster2703

3 years ago#3
There isn't a way as far as I know, but if you've played a demo 30 times you should just go buy the game. Especially considering RE:R is only like $20.
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