Ok that's it Nintendo! I'm done with you and your STUPID CENSORSHIP! >:(

#281levyjl1988Posted 5/9/2013 1:04:20 AM
Club Nintendo Surveys are out for DLCs.

People defending this censorship are willing to bend over to anything these days without putting a fight. Give Nintendo feedback.

Hopefully a surge of complaints raise questions for Nintendo.
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#282levyjl1988Posted 5/9/2013 2:17:35 AM
AkaneJones posted...
so64 posted...
TC, I really do not see why you are so upset. I could understand if this was a main line story quest, but it is in an optional DLC that does not play any role in the climax of the game. It does not affect the story line in any conceivable way. The world of FE does not revolve around Tharja's bum.

1) It give more full to the fire that Nintendo is Kiddy, which Nintendo doesn't need right now.
2) It shouldn't be censored, there nothing in the image needing censoring
3) It opens the door for grander types of censorship, what of SMT x FE for example
4) The censorship is actually sexist, similar picture of male character would be allowed without thought in E rate games.
5) It's the same type bull **** they've been pulling on Miiverse and artist have been very pissy about, even noting the way some Japanese artist seem to be getting away similar but worst things, no problem
6) You are paying for the download content, those are part of what you were supposed to be expecting. You going to pay for something only. then to have the content blocked out and censored, and then be happy?
7) Yes it's not something integral to the game, but it above and beyond replacing **** with crap.
8) It's precisely the kind of crap pulled over the years, one that can be exponential like statues in Castlevania.
9) If we don't complain about this type of things they keep doing it, even though we clearly have more voice now than idiotic censorship trolls in charge. So called boycotts don't work in these instances, they just make it look like we do want this type of content at all. That small vocal population of prudes, like the ones that wanted Harry Potter baned, do not run the country. We don't want Toshihiro Ono's Pokemon Manga style censorship to happen again.

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