Fire Emblem isnt about SEX - FAN BOYS DEAL WITH IT (spoilers)

#1whatnow12012Posted 5/3/2013 3:44:25 PM
Dear lord whining over something tiny such as THARJAS BUTT is beyond insane, how about whining over something more serious such as WHICH CONSOLES WILL DRAGON AGE 3 BE ON NEXT GEN OR CURRENT.

Or which consoles WWE 2K14 will be on Next Gen or CURRENT, not something as absurd as THARJAS BACKSIDE.

To me Tharjas isnt even all that HOT in my opinion to me My Customized Fem Avatar looks 10x Better I think but this is my opinion.

I did not buy Fire Emblem for the SEX, nor do I with games such as Saints Row, GTA, Dragon Age or Shin Megami games.

I buy them for the Story, the characters, the world & universe of those games draw you into them invest in them and wonder what will happen next & if or rather or not it will have a sequel.

In my Eyes Fire Embem is easily GAME OF THE YEAR CONTENDER mainly for its supberb Game Mechanics, Unique Interface, LVL Up System and the Changing Clases using the Master Seals.

Also I love other details such as Pair Up and the Growth between the characters being a part Date Sim having children and using them in battle.

I did not buy the game to see THARJAS BUTT. I am not letting some CENSORING of Tharja ruin this game.

I did not let Mass Effect 3 ending ruin the game even though I thought it was bad I have seen worse AKA Star Wars KoTor 2 FADE TO BLACK.

I am not letting Dragon Age 2 ruin what could be an awesome game with Dragon Age 3 which looks nothing like DA 2 thank god for that.

So people shut up about THARJA she isnt even all that HOT my Fem Customized Avatar looks 10x better in my view.

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Then how do you have kids?
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Fire Emblem is a srpg.

A sexual role playing game. I thought Nintendo was a family company.
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You lost me at "Tharja isn't all that hot".
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iMURDAu posted...
You lost me at "Tharja isn't all that hot".


but I do agree with TC, people are overeacting... hopefully its just a phase like that one time with the feet
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iMURDAu posted...
You lost me at "Tharja isn't all that hot".

KingJaggi posted...
Then how do you have kids?

This and this.
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Well I have to agree. They're all crying like a bunch of babies for something that doesn't affect... gameplay, being that it's a... you know, game.

I like Tharja, a lot. She reminds me of someone I know cept less evil. To be honest it's just a way for them to appeal to the pervy fanbase and sell, since in Japan they're obsessed with anime and bikini shots such as these. As far as I know in most recent anime going to the beach (regardless of the genre of the show) is a must have episode to show the girls in bikini, but the way Tharja is... come on, the beach? that's for commoners and simpletons. The sun sucks to begin with.
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#9mabber_IIIPosted 5/3/2013 3:57:20 PM
I don't care what it's about, censorship is unacceptable in any form, and I refuse to support it by not buying any of the dlc
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Tharja is pretty ugly.
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