Zelda OoT 3DS or FE:A?

#1DerekRossPosted 5/5/2013 3:23:19 PM
I'm a huge Zelda and FE fan. Which should I get? I never played OoT btw.
#2Ame_no_MurakumoPosted 5/5/2013 3:25:01 PM
They're both phenomenal. I'd go with Fire Emblem just because it can last you a really long time.
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#3FieldTornOutlawPosted 5/5/2013 3:25:19 PM
Huge Zelda fan and have never played OoT...

Fail just fail. ;)

Immediately play OoT pleaasseeeeee.
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#4FenderMasterPosted 5/5/2013 3:27:33 PM
If you've never played OoT then you're in for a real treat. The combat is the most basic of the 3D Zelda's, but everything else is superb, best in series.
#5MobileWarfarePosted 5/5/2013 3:32:57 PM
I would have to say Ocarina of Time, it still is my most played game on my 3DS.
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#61upsuperPosted 5/5/2013 3:37:11 PM
FE:A, hands down.
#7its_mattPosted 5/5/2013 3:39:13 PM
Given Zelda has been out a lot longer then if you are buying a physical copy you should be able to find it a lot cheaper if you shop around. So I would go with that, the 3ds version is the definitive version.
#8DerekRoss(Topic Creator)Posted 5/5/2013 3:40:00 PM
Opinions are mixed...

FieldTornOutlaw posted...
Huge Zelda fan and have never played OoT...

Fail just fail. ;)

2D Zelda ftw baby!
#9AnclationPosted 5/5/2013 3:40:59 PM
If you've never played Ocarina of Time, definitely get OoT3D.
#10strongo9Posted 5/5/2013 3:41:28 PM
OoT is easily the best game on the 3DS if you've never played it before. Get it first. It's probably be cheaper than FE:A is now too.
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