Should I buy Zelda OoT, MH Ult, Luigis M 2, or EO IV??

#11Jakerific44Posted 5/6/2013 11:55:36 AM
Justice98405 posted...
If only one, Luigi's Mansion, it's just so damn fun and oozes charm.

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Voelger posted...
Or should I buy more than one, and which ones?

I'm going on a long business trip and could use a new game.

I have played Zelda OoT before on N64
I have Wii U and so I can eventually get monster hunter and transfer my character over
I never played luigi's mansion or etrian Odessey

If you don't already have Fire Emblem, get that along with Luigi's Mansion and OoT. Gives you a nice variety of great games that each have a decent length, and replay value.

I can only reccomend Monster Hunter if youre a fan of the series or that type of hack and slash genre. If you were planning on getting the wii u game down the road, you could get the 3ds game to get a head start, but the controls are alittle clunkier on the 3ds than on the wii u, especially without a circle pad for your 3ds. Otherwise, its a great game, albeit I have not spent much time with it.