UK's The Sun Writes Positive Article About the 3DS

#1esoteric42Posted 5/12/2013 10:38:01 AM
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#2NemerlightPosted 5/12/2013 10:41:51 AM
After fairly pants sales in 2012, the 3DS is now a million ahead of the DS at the same point.

That i didnt know. Anyways DS is the best system still and will be until 3DS gets new dragon quest game.
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#3Binba442Posted 5/12/2013 10:47:16 AM
In other news, the sun is a gossip paper, move along people.
#4ElectricNovaPosted 5/12/2013 10:54:55 AM
Oh no! Now that the Sun likes it, the 3DS sucks!

Seriously though why would you read the Sun.
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#5squatch22Posted 5/12/2013 10:55:09 AM
I remember around 3DS launch, The Sun couldnt make enough hate articles about 3DS...
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#6AnclationPosted 5/12/2013 11:12:01 AM
Pretty ridiculous to use the 3DS as an argument for dismissing the Wii U, when the 3DS itself was written off as a failure by many early in its life. Today meanwhile, it seems that everybody (except CNN and a few board regulars) can't say enough good things about the 3DS.
#7smashmaster1111Posted 5/12/2013 11:35:58 AM
lol @ The Sun