Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for ___.

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User Info: nintendogger

3 years ago#51
mjc0961 posted...
nintendogger posted...
I'm waiting for Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

Me too. But why am I telling Nintendo that when I should be telling Crapcom? Also, Crapcom, I'm still waiting for Ace Attorney 2, Professor Layton 5, and Mega Man Legends 3.

Because I literally said in the OP, we're assuming that Nintendo is in fact in charge of all game releases. Also, it's Level 5 dragging their feet now.
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User Info: gamerman57

3 years ago#52
GBA games on the E-shop
DQM: Terry's Wonderland 3D localization (seriously, hurry the f*** up with this)
Metroid Fusion 2

User Info: xIvan321

3 years ago#53
SlyHobbes posted...
xIvan321 posted...
I'm waiting for a 3DS First person shooter that uses the stylus to aim.

Try Kid Icarus. It's not 1st person but you use the stylus to aim.

Silly rabbit, I do indeed play Kid Icarus: Uprising but that game isn't enough for me to call it an actual first person shooter. I want a game where I can shoot things with a gun or arm cannon and run around without tired. Kid Icarus Uprising is cool and I play it every day and all its just that I want a game that is more like an FPS than what Kid Icarus can provide. I want more than just 1 game that controls the way Kid Icarus Uprising does... I want a game like Metroid Prime Hunters since that plays a lot like Quake.
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User Info: SuperWiiCube64

3 years ago#54
-A confrimation that DQM: Terry's Wonderland and Dragon Quest VII are on the way.

-A new F-Zero game is in the works.

-Majora's Mask 3D?

That's all I got. Really I only care about the DQ titles.

User Info: TheZeldaFan

3 years ago#55
Something that's good.
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User Info: hear_me_raor

3 years ago#56
Mother 3 *insert sarcastic comment here*
...actually, i should be happy we're getting Earthbound for the WII U, if they release it for the 3DS, i will have tears of joy.
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User Info: Hawkspeed76

3 years ago#57
I want them to ditch Pokemon as a single player game and make an official Pokemon MMO, but knowing Nintendo and their online, it'll never happen.
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User Info: Ralala888

3 years ago#58
I'm waiting for a uniform account system not attached to consoles, but I'm still going to download things because I'm safe with my things and I'm not scared of roaming 3DS bandits.

User Info: Magnemight

3 years ago#59
Hardley_Smith posted...
advanced wars
A.K.A. Magnemania.
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User Info: Psizero220

3 years ago#60
1. Universal account system
2. All games that the 3ds can handle on Wii's E-shop on 3DS shop.

Probably will be waiting on both forever.
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