Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for ___.

#81Wii3KingsPosted 5/13/2013 7:18:59 AM
NES Pro Wrestling on Virtual Console.
#82BdowDELL222Posted 5/13/2013 7:22:15 AM
I'm waiting for Mario Golf with a full fledged RPG mode... wishful thinking though.
#83retrogamer28Posted 5/13/2013 7:28:39 AM
Star fox
F zero
3d Zelda
monster Hunter 4g
Megaman legends 3
Monolith soft 3ds game besides pxz
Snes classic collection
Prof.layton/ace attorney collection
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#84ShadowMario3Posted 5/13/2013 7:48:12 AM
Super Smash Bros.
Miiverse on 3DS
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#85McMarblesPosted 5/13/2013 7:59:59 AM
I'm waiting for you to localize DQVII since Squeenix no longer cares about that kind of thing anymore.
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#86middays_deepPosted 5/13/2013 8:07:12 AM
Dear Nintendo.

I'm waiting for a sequel to Metroid Fusion, and the next Advance Wars.
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#87SolatoSilverPosted 5/13/2013 10:26:54 AM
Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for more US games to be localized for the UK, please and thank you.
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#88Storm ChamberPosted 5/13/2013 10:27:47 AM
A new Metroidvania for the 3DS
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#894sakuraHa0Posted 5/13/2013 10:42:17 AM
New Legend of Zelda !! (although ALttP2 is already announced)
Super Smash Bros !
Metroid ! (Samus is mai waifu !)
Ace Attorney !
Super Punch Out !
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#90Phantom_NookPosted 5/13/2013 10:50:35 AM
GBA games on eShop
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