New Adventure Time and Regular Show games this fall!

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(@_@) Spinda is watching
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I've never been able to get into the Regular Show, which is odd since I usually enjoy "stoner comedy" Squidbillies, The Brak Show, Space Ghost, Frisky Dingo Love all of those, but Regular show is just...meh

I'm really looking forward to this Adventure Time game though.

All of those shows you listed aren't aimed for 12 and under kids.

Regular show has it's fair share of adult humor in it, that I somehow doubt that it is aimed at 12 and younger audiences.

It airs on daytime Cartoon Network in the same time block as Ninjago, that new lego one, and adventure time. Stop trying to fool yourself.
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I'm not a fan of Adventure Time but I love Regular Show. I hope it uses the voice actors from the show and I hope we get a demo. You know what would go good with a Regular Show game?

Funny internet videos! :D

You know who else like funny Internet videos?

My mom!
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