Is there anything truly bad about Fire Emblem Awakening?

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Nobody has feet.

I honestly can't believe in 2013 I'd be playing a game that had something like this.

I know right. There's even a character who can't walk because she keeps tripping lol.
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The plot, maps and the mission objectives are bland... the dlc is quite pricey as well, but apart from these niggles it's a solid game. There is enough content here that the DLC seems obsolete.

If you are a fan of the genre then you can't fault it.

DLC packs are $6 each no? Making them individually $2.00 each. For what they offer, they aren't expensive.
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No, I'm completely down for a real discussion but up until this post your reasoning has been rather vague. I figured that if I wanted to make the game harder I could just avoid grinding. Either way, SRPG is an SRPG and I need a fix until Advance Wars..

Fair enough: after re-reading my older posts, they were somewhat vague - or at the very least, hard to understand without having played both old FEs and Awakening.

Since you haven't played the older games, you should just get Awakening, since from what I've seen most newcomers love it.
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Is there anything truly bad about Fire Emblem Awakening?



the game should be called "Sorceror Emblem: Nosferatuing" instead, because that's all it takes to completely break the game, even on Lunatic+
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The map designs in general. I liked them in the beginning, but they are not as great as some of the gba ones. I'm pretty sure even Radiant Dawn was more creative. The story itself is cheesy, too. Sort of like how they developers were afraid to take risks with how the game is going.

Of course, that doesn't make the game any less awesome than what it is. It's my favorite 3DS game as of yet and certainly one of the best FE's to have come out, but it's certainly not without its flaws.
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