New 3ds owner: Luigi or Mario 3d land?

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If it was any other company, that would be a reasonable assumption. Unfortunately, the only "accounts" Nintendo has are on the Wii U, and those are locked to the system anyways.

What about Club Nintendo accounts? As far as I'm aware, each game I purchase has been tracked & each system I own is registered, alongside serial numbers. When I purchase nonphysical media, like "Pushmo", I notice that the purchase survey for the title instantly pops up on my Club Nintendo account. It seems like there's more danger of actually losing the sd card than there is of not being able to utilize or rely on that Club Nintendo data.

Again, sound logic. Yet there are plenty of stories and instances where Nintendo just refuses to help you, even if your stuff is all linked together via Club Nintendo, credit card, or whatever. Like I said, sometimes they have been known to help people, but most of the time they don't.
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