All I ask for from 3DS at E3 are level-5's games.

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It says so much when console is so beast that people don't want any more news. I agree with this, all these releases are eating our wallets like crazy.

it's also why the trolls have migrated

it seems like its been months since anyone made an anti-3ds topic on this board


....that's the best i got.... i tried......

Don't get me wrong: as a huge Kirby fan, I definitely want to see Nintendo hurry up and tell us that they are working on a new Kirby game for the 3DS. But it really is a credit as to how good 2013 has been for the 3DS so far, that the lineup looks excellent even without one.
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And Inazuma Eleven 1-2-3, since the localizations were EU-only.

And the Inazuma Eleven GO games.

Seriously, Inazuma Eleven is is arguably Level-5's biggest franchise in Japan considering everything it has going for it (anime adaptation, character song albums, movie adaptations, tons of merchandise, manga series, drama CDs, constantly dominating Animage etc). It's pretty absurd that none of the games have been released in North America.
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I'm more interested in Youkai Watch and Time Travelers.