remeber when EA said the Vita would outsell the 3ds?

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that's akward...
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EA is just a strange company.
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didn't know one guy made up all of ea...
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EA buys Nintendo:
A few of the changes they will introduce.

- 5 Starman and Fire Flower powerups for the low price of $10!
- Singe player Zelda series now requires online connection to EA servers.
- Metroid series introduces co-op mode, kills "isolation atmosphere" in favour for dude-bro shooting.
- The budget for the Pikmin series balloons exponentially, explosions and gore are added to the series to appeal to the CoD crowd, the game is projected to sell 20 million copies over its lifetime. It gets to 10 million sales and EAtendo kills the series because it performed below expectations.
- Pokemon goes free-to-play. Every item in the PokeMart is a microtransaction and requires real money. You pay a monthly fee to EAtendo to store your Pokemon and items in the PC. Due to its popularity, EAtendo will release a "new" Pokemon game every 3 months and will shut down the servers storing your Pokemon and items without notice before the next Pokemon game is launched.
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No wonder their unprecedented support was full of shovel.
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I remember when a lot of people were singing the same tune, not just EA.
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That's dumb.
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Lol at the EA hate, like a bunch of kids that have had their toys taken away!
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The comments for that page is pretty good, heh.
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wisemidds posted...
Lol at the EA hate, like a bunch of kids that have had their toys taken away!

Except EA being a terrible company is the truth and it's justifiable hate.
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