Nintendo Fan Network?

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Maybe they meant you can't delete it from the field's rental units, which would make sense.
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Aha, found the post. Had to use a web search over the GF forum search, though.

Uhhh... lol what is this? Apparently I have to be a safeco field or something to use it. And I cant delete it.

(For those who might think I'm insisting that it's true you can't delete it, I'm not; it's just that that's what I remembered being said in that previous post.)
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The app also allows you to chat and play minigames with others in the stadium who are using the app. You can also order food from your seat with a credit card.

parKb5 posted...
I guess it is b/c NoA's HQ is in Seattle, WA so maybe they sponsor the Mariners, that app is to be used to get stats and stuff while you watch the game. According to the description, there is even a kiosk where you can rent DSi systems so that you can follow the game on your system. It is like bringing a TV to the stadium with you so you can get those little behind the scene insights that the broadcasters give while announcing the game.

NOA headquarters is actually in Redmond not Seattle.