So I've been out of the loop for a bit on the 3DS, Castlevania any good?

#31Dr4G0nZPosted 6/9/2013 6:03:55 PM
manobon posted...
After reading the reviews, and not entirely loving the demo, I've been trying to find the game used on ebay for $10 or under, or new for $15-20- people are selling it Used for $30 ("missing the manual").

Am I crazy for expecting this to be cheaper by now? I feel like, with the NES Castlevanias (or, 1 & 3, rather), the replayability comes from revisiting a great action-platformer (like how I don't get bored going through old Mario or Mega Man games). I can't imagine that there are plenty of people going back to God of War 1, and the like, right? Or are they?

I believe the game itself is about 11 hours long to 100%. I personally got bored with the game around 5 hours in, when you first get your character swap, and you obtain some abilities.

I guess it's pretty short, and upon beating the game, you unlock a harder difficulty, but I can't say there's much incentive to coming back to the game and replaying it.
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