So which type of handheld Castlevania do you want to see next?

#21Freelance_WolfPosted 6/9/2013 7:27:33 PM
Any. It doesn't matter to me.
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#22GhetsisPosted 6/9/2013 7:37:30 PM
WhiteTigerShiro posted...
I would love to see Konami follow in Capcom's footsteps with Castlevania. Not that they have to go 8-bit, but it would be awesome to have a brand new, full-length, classic-style Castlevania. Sub Weapons, a boss for every level, massive difficulty... let's see it happen, Konami.

They already did that. It's called Castlevania Adventure ReBirth.
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#23mabber_IIIPosted 6/9/2013 7:58:34 PM
I'd like to see a lords of shadow game that isn't restricted to 2d
#24SupremeLord5050Posted 6/9/2013 8:04:29 PM
ZenithianHero posted...
The 1999 event. Metroidvania or classicvania is fine.

SO MUCH THIS!!! I still havent even remotely finished MoF let alone LoS in general. Although LoS 2 does look great
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#25Lord_FroodPosted 6/9/2013 8:29:22 PM
The only Castlevanias I ever liked were the DS ones, which were plenty different enough from each other to warrant how many there were. I'd be plenty happy with a new iteration every 2 years.
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#26Joe73ffdqPosted 6/9/2013 9:03:47 PM
Classic style Castlevania. Something like CV3, CV4, or Rondo. Make the game long with 20 or more levels. Have it fairly linear, but not completely.
#27PUNCHOUT1116(Topic Creator)Posted 6/9/2013 9:17:40 PM
Looks like Metroidvania is winning by a large margin. Pay attention Konami...
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#28Silent_NexusPosted 6/9/2013 10:09:40 PM
Another Metroidvania-type game would be a really great joy.
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#29DarkHeroRavenPosted 6/10/2013 10:20:32 AM
Metroidvania plz
#30jellyonbread12Posted 6/10/2013 10:35:21 AM
Pre-metroidvania stuff, preferably
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