Animal Crossing: New Leaf sales news. more 3ds games next year, etc.

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Human-Bean posted...
Why would Sony purchase Nintendo? It's not a wise investment.

plus, currently sony has no idea how to run a business, theyd just drive it into the ground like the vita :(
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I am almost done with paying out the butt for new consoles and waiting forever for games.I am sticking with the 3ds as my main console for a while until the PS4 is out long enough to get a price drop,then i may get one at a reasonable price and there will be games out already.Not that PS4 is launching at a crazy price but still.
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Anclation posted...
Why do you even feel the need to rebut a troll? But yeah, the 3DS is doing well, if Animal Crossing can give it that kind of boost just imagine what Pokemon will do.

Just imagine if Nintendo ever put the first three generations of Pokemon games on the virtual console.
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Sony couldn't afford to buy Nintendo...they don't even have their own HQ anymore;)
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My aunt bought a 3ds last night just for animal crossing. Its the game that saved nintendo.
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They need to resign.