What is NA's special streetpass count up to?

#1lilpuddy31Posted 6/12/2013 6:39:50 PM
How many special tags have there been? Who were they? Have we special-tagged anyone more than once?
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#2Shadow Stalker XPosted 6/12/2013 6:54:01 PM
Let's see: Reggie, Scott Motiff, Miyamoto, Iwata, Aonuma, Konno, and Tezuka, so 7 total.
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#3metalXgearPosted 6/14/2013 12:31:56 AM
We got Iwata twice I believe.
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#4TaCtiiCz_xPosted 6/14/2013 12:47:08 AM
1. Reggie
2. Moffitt
3. Miyamoto
4. Iwata
5. Aonuma
6. Konno
7. Tezuka
8. Hayashida
9. Tanabe

I know Miyamoto was given out twice, but the second one was a regular Mii (via Swapnote) I believe.
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#5omegafixPosted 6/14/2013 4:21:15 AM
Hope we get a 10th soon, its the final acomplishment i need