Downloading 3DS retail titles

#1KINGWHINNETPosted 6/13/2013 12:39:39 PM
Once the remaining games have been delivered I will finally have met the conditions for the 'so many games' promotion. Now comes the tough choice...

I have bought Luigis Mansion, Donkey Kong Returns and Animal Crossing; the free download will be one of these three as a way of selling one and making a little money back (the other 5 games didn't particularly interest me).

Just wondering if there are any benefits to downloading retail games and which is more suited. Basically I can't decided which box I can live without. Thinking DK but that's one of the largest 3DS games in terms of memory blocks whereas Animal Crossing is more useful to have on the 3DS itself but I would quite like the box. I am more likely to sell Luigis Mansion in the future so will need the retail version for that.

Any advice would be great. I can see the question is a tad pointless but I'm in grave need!

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