Concerning Nintendo's next handheld

#11Fibber_McGeePosted 6/14/2013 6:02:09 AM(edited)
The next Nintendo handheld is probably at least five years away, but as for what I'd like to see . . .

Keep the dual screens, I like 'em, even if way too many games only use the touch screen as a glorified map/inventory screen.

3D I could take or leave. I barely ever use it as it is and it doesn't really add anything to the game experience the way the touch screen does.

The end of Friend Codes and movement to a player account based system like on other companies systems. This would make adding people to your friends list much easier and allow downloadable purchases to be tied to your account rather than your system. Mind you, I've heard rumors that both of these changes may be in the works for Nintendo's current systems. I really hope that's true.

Sizable built in system memory (At least 32gb.) on top of the ability to expand with an additional SD card. It's cool of Nintendo that they let use any old SD card rather than force us to buy overpriced proprietary memory cards, but since they're not making a profit off the memory cards I see no reason not to include more memory to begin with!

Louder volume! It would be nice to be able to hear the damn game without needing earphones! :D

That's all I can really think of and honestly, beyond the obvious upgrades in system power and screen resolution and suchlike, I think those are all the improvements I think we really need.
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#12ZanimarPosted 6/14/2013 7:09:41 AM
I can see the next system having backwards compatibility, I feel it makes more sense with handhelds than consoles. Also while i think the new system would be able to play 3DS games (and even transfer all your digital stuff over to it) it won't be able to play them in 3D, so you'd be stuck with 2D mode and if any company actually goes so far as to make a game that requires 3D in some way, then those games wouldn't be playable.
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