Well, Fire Emblem was a disappointment.

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x_stevey_x posted...
thing is fire emblem was never a good strategy game.. its played to the strengths of the series and is now better for it. if you want a strategy game you should be playing starcraft, warcraft, company of heroes, shogun, rome... games that take actual strategy

This. Thats why I loved Fire Emblem from the start, it was more of an RPG than strategy game and is a reason why the series is still around unlike that trashy Advance Wars.
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The thing I've hated ever since Shadow Dragon is reclassing. It basically defeats the purpose of having certain characters and makes things ridiculously easy.
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Yikes! This topic exploded. I didn't think it would get this bad lol
But I admit I'm not the best at FE, it just befuddles me because I played Devil Survior HEAVILY under leveled and managed to strategize my way through the game just fine. Even beat the last boss in one try with under leveled units.

Regardless, Blue 0rb pretty much has the same thoughts as I do about the game, he/she just made them much easier to read.
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Maybe it is you only?

I played this game on Normal/Classic and I didn't find the enemies OP. I didn't grind that much as well.

Oh and character builds? I just picked whichever I wanted for the pairings. They turn out fine.
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I feel like I'm on the dark souls board from 2011. This game SUCKS (because it's too hard for me QQ)
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Game is hard =/= Game sucks

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I'm not sure I get it. It's just like any other Fire Emblem in essence, only that it additionally has a post-game.

What's so bad about that? I'm pretty happy with it. :)
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