So err... Why the hell isn't there a new Advance Wars game yet?

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I just need my new advance wars fix. Probably one of my favourite game series. Lord knows how many hours I put into the gba games.
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"So err... Why the hell isn't there a new Advance Wars game yet?"

The same reason why Metroid Prime Hunters will never see a sequel or a remake on the 3DS. This system desperately needs FPS games.
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#13Furikuri_flclPosted 6/18/2013 11:09:08 AM
Didn't the last one flop or something?
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GipFace posted...
No. Fire Emblem Awakening hasn't hit 1 million either. It's just under that.

The last FE title for the DS in Japan (FE12) actually did worse than AW4 in terms of sales. It only sold about 270k, whereas AW4 has totaled about 400k in its lifetime. That's probably the reason why FE12 never got localized to English. AW4 is in fact the second-highest selling AW next to AW1.

Hilarious, considering that Japan never even got Days of Ruin.