HUGE problems with 3DSXL and internet

#1God_4_RealPosted 6/18/2013 10:17:06 AM
Ok, so my place has wifi AND my husband has the desktop hooked up to a hub from the land lords router or something. My Kindle Fire HD works awesome in my living room, as well as my lap top. BUT BUT BUT not the 3DSXL. Is the wifi on this thing so weak, that I have to literally be like a few feet from the router to work? I really don't want to have to buy a router...I sold my old one when we moved to the new place with free wifi.

The only way it works, is if I stand by the part of the ceiling where the landlords has his router on the floor...but it's pretty high up...I COULD sit on the stairs and try...I guess...I just want to get the situation handled before I get AC new leaf
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