Getting a 3ds xl, one question...

#1salim118118Posted 6/18/2013 9:45:57 AM
How exactly do friend codes work. As in,is my friend code tied to my system or is it like a PSN ID or something like that?Is the friend code already set on to a 3ds or do you make it. So, lets say if someone got a preowned 3ds,will they have that code,and only that code?(im getting a new one) Answers would be appreciated.
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#2ArchsazePosted 6/18/2013 9:55:31 AM
Your FC is tied to your system and can be accessed by tapping on the smiley face in the upper part of the home menu. I only mention where it is because the friends list (the smiley face) can be hard to find.

One Fc works for all your games.