Looking at my Friend List makes me feel left out. >_>

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RogueStriker posted...
in other words you're a hipster? Gotcha.

He doesn't like what I and some others like. What a hipster.
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I'm not interested in it either! =D
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The_Kiriyama posted...
WhiteTigerShiro posted...
ZBug_ posted...
RogueStriker posted...
in other words you're a hipster? Gotcha.

I think you need to learn what terms mean before you use them.

In other words: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2y8Sx4B2Sk

Actually, I assumed by 'hipster' he meant the part of the definition of that grouping that is more or less 'disliking something that is generally popular for no other reason than it is popular'. Eg, "Nah, I used to like that band before they sold out--" or "I don't like that game, there are too many people playing it" etc.

The thing is, TC made it clear that he disliked the game not because of its popularity but because the gameplay does not appeal to him. However, he is contemplating getting it because it is popular amongst his friends. If anything, he's the opposite of a hipster and RogueStriker is a bit of a dunce.

I don't want Animal Crossing. I won't get it, none of the prior games appealed to me nor does this one. A few of my friends want it, and it doesn't change my opinion. So, I sort of know where TC is coming from.
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Stop resisting, Kitty. Everyone's doing it.
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it sucks being the few people with taste tc
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Looking at my Friend List tells me I'm a prick since it remains and shall continue to stay empty for the foreseeable future.
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Hardley_Smith posted...
it sucks being the few people with taste tc

Lol, look at the cute little kid trying to seem edgy
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