10 out of the 16 Zelda games are playable on the 3DS.

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Eternal_Dream21 posted...
<No, ALBW is ALttP 2, not a remake.

It's... kind of neither... and both at the same time? Or some hogwash like that. Aonuma recently talked about the game in an interview and decided to be overly cryptic about how exactly the game fits into the grand scheme of things.
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Where's "The Legend of Zelda vs Layton: A Link to the Unwound Future"?
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A PC is the only device in which you can play all of them.
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Human-Bean posted...
A PC is the only device in which you can play all of them.

"On which". I don't know about you, but I don't climb into my PC when I'm gaming (though some winters I wish I could).
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WhiteTigerShiro posted...
thedicemaster posted...
if you're saying we can play ALttP because we're getting ALBW you might as well add wind waker to the list because we have phantom hourglass.

*Facepalm* He's saying the 3DS could play LttP (which it could), not that LBW is the same game. Geez, people, are we really THAT daft that we derailed the entire first page on this?

Yeah, if you could read the entire thread before posting that would ge great.

The guy said straight up in another post that ALBW is an enhanced remake of ALTTP thus you can say ALTTP is playable, try to keep up. It's only English.
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trenken posted...
Besides, why couldnt the 3DS run a version of WW? The ancient DS ran SM64.

Because SM64DS is not emulation of SM64, it's a port.
The 3DS cannot (and will not be able to) emulate Gamecube games. WW would have to be ported over, so unless Nintendo makes a WW3D, WW will never be playable on 3DS.
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AlienDestroyer4 posted...
My goodness, guys, calm down.

I was saying you could ARGUE that because we're getting ALBW, we essentially have ALttP. I realize there are new features, new dungeons, etc, but from what I've seen, the overworld, story, and just about everything else, are the same. It's like an upgraded version of ALttP, am I wrong? A buffed remake with some new dungeons and new mechanics? So the Wind Waker comparison would work if the ocean was the same size and all the islands were the same, with only the dungeons being different.

Anyway, that's not the point. I realize they're different games, I'm saying SOME people might argue that we can essentially play ALttP because we're getting ALBW, an enhanced remake.

Nobody would argue that unless they were an idiot.
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If they ever add Game Boy Advance games to Virtual Console, A Link to the Past would be playable because it was ported to the GBA.
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Actually, FSA is playable on the 3DS, I believe... in Japanese...
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