How powerful is the 3DS?

#31gldooriiPosted 6/21/2013 8:44:48 AM
Not powerful enough to handle SNES/Gen
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It can do things the wii couldnt. Better textures etc- plus its running in 3d as well as pumping some games out at 60fps that their wii counterparts didnt.
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Fr33z posted...
Take Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for example, although it is less clear than the Wii version of Monster Hunter Tri, ultimately it looks much better than what the Wii was able to produce.

Doesn't look much better at all besides a faster framerate and better lighting effects. The downgrade in environment complexity compared to Wii is very noticeable.
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Certainly better than the 64 though.

I can mathematically prove that.

DS = Nintendo 65 1/2
GCN/Wii > Nintendo 65 1/2 / DS
GCN/Wii = 3DS
3DS / GCN/Wii > Nintendo 65 1/2 / DS

That's some math. Did you learn that from the school of 1+1=3?

1+1=3 Half life 3 confirmed?
3ds has a 3 in the name=Half life 3 for the 3ds confirmed?

DS = NIntendo 65 1/2
3DS > DS
3DS > Nintendo 65 1/2

is that any better lol
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It can play games, thats how powerful it is.
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esoteric42 posted...
Not powerful enough to emulate Super NES games.

Dude, it can emulate GBA games, and a GBA could somewhat emulate the SNES.

The 3DS would have no trouble emulating the SNES.
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How powerful you ask....*bats eyes left to right* .....well it just took my dog for a walk for one.......
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Statistically, it's more powerful than the Wii. Unfortunately it hasn't translated to the games yet, as the vast majority of it's games look sub-gamecube level. There are a few gems which show some power, but even those games have tradeoffs.

Games should largely be within the realm of Dreamcast/PS2/GC/Xbox level.
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Powerful enough to be one sexy beast
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OoSubaruoO posted...
More powerful than a locomotive.

underrated post lol!
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