Poll: The best 3DS game?

#1pikachupwnagePosted 6/21/2013 7:49:14 AM
The best 3DS game? - Results (226 votes)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
16.37% (37 votes)
Fire Emblem Awakening
30.53% (69 votes)
Kid Icarus Uprising
14.6% (33 votes)
Luigi's Mansion Dark moon
4.87% (11 votes)
Super Mario 3D land
7.08% (16 votes)
Professor layton and the Miracle Mask
1.33% (3 votes)
Etrian odyssey IV: Legend of the Titan
6.64% (15 votes)
Resident evil revelations
4.42% (10 votes)
Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate
6.19% (14 votes)
7.96% (18 votes)
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#2fon1988Posted 6/21/2013 7:56:59 AM
This is such a tough decision but overall I have to say Kid Icarus. It's the most fun I've had on the system since I got it.
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#3Lord_FroodPosted 6/21/2013 8:12:33 AM
Kid Icarus, babeh.
It's the 3DS game that I've spent the most time on (50 hours).
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#4Kromlech06Posted 6/21/2013 8:14:28 AM
430 hours on MH3U, not done yet.
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#5AnclationPosted 6/21/2013 8:15:39 AM
Kid Icarus: Uprising!
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#6IcewitchPosted 6/21/2013 8:17:46 AM
Monster Hunter by far... but Fire Emblem is an easy #2
Monster Hunter!
#7iammaxhailmePosted 6/21/2013 8:22:12 AM
Fire Emblem, even though it's not near the top of its series
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#8Starwars4JPosted 6/21/2013 8:24:54 AM
So many amazing games, but I'll still go with Kid Icarus: Uprising. That game had great gameplay, fantastic writing (almost wish there was a way to just hear all the dialogue, which can be pretty tricky when playing on higher difficulty levels), and an amazing revival and transformation of a classic.
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#9EmeraldroxPosted 6/21/2013 8:27:20 AM
Fire Emblem or AC for me.
AC was what made me get a 3DS back at launch, it didn't disappoint either. I love it.
Fire Emblem was an impulse buy and I had a lot of fun with it. Ended up with 127 hours in it by the time AC came out.
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#10YomerodesPosted 6/21/2013 10:03:31 AM
Playing Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward still remains the best experience I got from the 3ds.