Mario Kart 7. Worth it?

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Ya, its 29.99 at amazon or you can go to BB and price match, that's what I did.
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imamelia posted...
I would say if you're okay with playing alone or have the desire and ability to play online, then yes. Its selection of tracks, items, and characters is one of the best. But if not, if you prefer to play with real-life friends, then you obviously can't do that on a handheld, so I wouldn't even bother with it. When I got Mario Kart 7, I played it for about 10 minutes and have pretty much never touched it since. Biggest waste of $30 I've spent on any 3DS game yet (even Fire Emblem I at least got more playtime than *that* out of).

It offers more just chose to play it for only 10 min.

In 10 men you can't even see close to all 32 tracks, can't hear those 32 songs.

You didn't even give yourself a chance to like it.

I would assume you aren't even much of an MK7 fan to begin with.

I didn't have to TRY to like MK7......I just do
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From: pkmewtwo | #005
It's perfect

not it's not perfect. SP is lackluster and it needs better modes.
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From: Icewitch | #020
MK7 is the best Mario Kart to date.

And I don't mean "good for a handheld". I mean its the best looking, best playing, more feature-rich MK game ever released. If you like MK it will keep you occupied for years and the online is extremely active and fun.

bollocks. it's the least feature rich MK game. SP wise anyway.
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It's my favorite Mario Kart game.
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hello earthlings, i am from another planet
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It's alright. Online is good, single player kind of sucks. If it didn't come with my XL I probably wouldn't have it.
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What exactly sucks about the single player?
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It's an extremely barebones MK title with not much to do outside of Grand Prix and Time Trials.
how do you turn this on?
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GambitAce posted...
It's an extremely barebones MK title with not much to do outside of Grand Prix and Time Trials.

MKDS had Mission mode, but I don't remember any other Mario Kart having stuff other than GP and TT in single player...
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