I hope, if there is a MM remake, that they fix the save issues.

#11ss4gogeta_darkPosted 6/23/2013 1:39:49 AM
There is no need to fix the save system because its not broken.
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They should make it show that you can do a quick save in the menu screen, the owl statues can keep their function for those who grew up on the original.
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Gensokyo posted...
The problem with the MM save system is that if you accidentally turn off the game (like if there is a power outage, or the game freezes like it sometimes did in the GC-disc version) it would completely ruin your experience had you not recently...rewinded (rewound?) time. Having to redo a ton of things you just did because of save issues is not fun.

That sounds like a flaw with every game with a save feature. I once had the power go out fighting Pig Gannon in OoT, I had to do everything from my last save at the castle up to the last boss fight, by your logic a flaw in the game that ruins my experience.
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I've played through Majora's Mask countless times. I think I only used the Owl Statues once or twice.
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