Animal Crossing: How many hours so far?

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3 years ago#31
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3 years ago#32
around 123 hours.
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3 years ago#33
22:46. Got it a 5 days after launch.
3 years ago#34
Around 42 hours I guess... never expect me to play this game so much >_>
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3 years ago#35
62 hours, got it digital at midnight.
3 years ago#36
0. A very good investment of my time when i saw this game at the store, and walked away
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3 years ago#37
Less than 1. Got it like 3 days ago.
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3 years ago#38
20ish. Got the game on Friday
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3 years ago#39
25 hours

in like 9 days =/
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3 years ago#40
0, and it's going to stay at that forever.
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