Wanting to buy a 3ds XL, any good deals around/best bundle? Other Q's too, help!

#1TDragon777Posted 6/23/2013 12:32:18 PM
1) So yeah, I did look online and frankly, they are the same price than the retail store ($200). I guess I can save on tax if i buy online (ebay,etc) but idk. I am only looking to get Animal Crossing with the 3ds and it seems there are no bundles and the ones they have are super expensive and rare to get.

2) Also, how do 3ds game downloads work? Im assuming you make a username and download it and can redownload it as many times as you want using that unique username? Something like xbox360 or ps3 type of usernames,right?

3) Can I link my old Wii username to the 3ds? I remember buying a few digital games for my Wii on there.

4) Also, whats better to buy? The actual cartridge game (like from retail stores) or downloaded games to an SD card?

5) Can I buy a 16gb SD card (or higher) and have several games on there?

6) How many gigs does a game (like AC) take?

thx guys. Might buy this thing today, kinda excited.
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#2DKU_ArichPosted 6/23/2013 12:47:09 PM(edited)
1. Hmm... I don't know what to tell you; chances are, unless you get lucky, you'll probably spent anything between $240-260 for both the XL and AC.

2. You basically go to the eShop, "add" in funds (it can be any amount) and then purchase your game of choice. There are no usernames and the games themselves are tied to 3DS they are purchased from. In other words, if you were to lose your 3DS or something, your purchases would go bye-bye. You CAN redownload the game as much as you want though (so if you, say, delete a game due to insufficient room, you can always get it back).

3. No backwards compatibily. You can't link your Wii to the 3DS and play your Virtual Console games on it unfortunately. It'd be possible if Nintendo made it possible, but alas, they didn't.

4. In Animal Crossing's case, people have said it's better to buy the digital copy (that way you can load it regardless of what game is in the 3DS). I prefer physical in all cases, though. It's more of a preference.

5. Yep! As far as I'm aware, the 3DS takes up to 32gb SD cards which is more than enough for anyone, so 16gb wouldn't be an issue.

6. I *think* I read somewhere that AC takes about a gigabyte.
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Thanks a lot. I'm very disappointed that Nintendo hasn't implemented a username system. That is just horrible. It should be linked to the person, not game console. I feel like that a long makes it worse to get the digital version.
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