Street pass accomplishments.

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I know it was 3, I got lucky in Disney World and picked up three females in a row AND three last used software. Disney World, Airports and New York are 3ds streetpasses magnets! hey anyone want to have a streetpass meeting in san antonio?

I have two 3ds, so I lucked out on the Met all streetpasses from every region in your country. I just kept changing the state everytime.
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tranceaddict19 posted...
Kitoro posted...
USMCinfinity posted...
5 females in a row
100 street pass on one plaza trip

What were they smoking?lol

I accomplished both of those. I live close to Disneyland and go there on a monthly basis, though. The 100 in one day I got from New Years there, had over 150 easily.

I'm going to Universal this weekend :)

Hope I get a ton of passes

A couple hundred maybe, but I wouldn't count on getting 1000 if I were you.
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