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smash bros 3ds or pokemon OR/AS, which one are you more excited for? (Poll)
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Asian_Charizard569/22 12:20PM
What game in history above all else would you like to see get ported to the 3DS?
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samuraigaiden419/22 12:20PM
3ds transfer...all my save files are gone except one
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Genericgamer667179/22 11:48AM
Why no Mega Raichu?Bass_X059/22 11:47AM
Bravely Default or play through Link between worlds again.
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Th3Daywa1ker219/22 11:45AM
OFFICIAL countdown to Smash Bros demo launch thread 3DS board edition!videogamesrox109/22 11:39AM
Has Nintendo ever said why there's not more Miiverse communities?
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Justice98405169/22 11:30AM
DS vs PS2, better game library? (Poll)
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28the_King28289/22 11:30AM
Do you think Pokemon X/Y will have a consistent framerate on New 3DS?PrincessTsuki99/22 11:25AM
Do you find that some Mii characters are attractive to you? (Poll)Gaming King59/22 11:19AM
What is the 3ds LL?cowens8929/22 11:11AM
This is new....Darkstorm1659/22 11:08AM
Would you buy a RPG feature different Nintendo characters?
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yomomma0919199/22 11:07AM
Question about system transfermiketheman10979/22 11:07AM
Didn't delete E-shop before trade in...
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eviltom17129/22 10:57AM
So, what's this board's opinion on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call?
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Ace-of-Clubs209/22 10:56AM
short on cash so i need advice on what plush i should make.
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strider_123309/22 10:43AM
thinking about picking up luigis mansion....15OneAndDone99/22 10:36AM
Top 10 games in your software library?Omega_Jester29/22 10:34AM
SD card transfer for two cards.Muzza16749/22 10:16AM