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I dunno, man. 3DS
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ThatGuy25991212/25 4:59AM
I haven't bought any 3DS themes yet.. but so tempted. I'm scared of startinggfaqster1012/25 4:03AM
Heads Up! KORG DSN-12 and M01D are 50% off on the NA and EU eshop right now!
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AwesomeOSauce1512/25 3:54AM
3DS top 10 list is going backward like the ds now.Hastewind312/25 3:43AM
Merry Christmas 3DS BoardSwickman81412/25 3:41AM
Level-5 eShop Sale (starting 12/25)
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cutiepie-trap4012/25 3:20AM
My Persona q xl!!!! T_Tczberserk312/25 2:29AM
Pokemon sapphire alpha has a nice endgame content!
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chicksboii2212/25 2:21AM
should i get persona q or bravely default?
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mikebond223512/25 1:51AM
Favorite Themes?King_of_Flan712/25 1:42AM
Which is the best Etrian Odessey on 3DS?discodancer77612/25 1:25AM
Called nintendo today to ask if they could link my eshop acct.moogythejork312/25 1:09AM
Is Mario & Luigi: Dream Team worth playing? Is the story like Final Fantasy?
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Spade21X2712/25 12:55AM
Brand New 32GB SD Card not Showing up in File Explorer on PC
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InnerSolace2612/25 12:22AM
Which one should be my first 3DS game? Fire Emblem or Zelda Ocarina of Time?nanofazz97812/25 12:09AM
Pokemon Dianciekirudra212/25 12:04AM
any free game for buying a 3DS+another game?ManuKesna512/24 11:45PM
Got my girlfriend Bravely Default, her parents gave her a copy tonight...
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minchew911112/24 11:39PM
Is OoT 3D worth $35?Dark_SilverX812/24 11:28PM
Predict Nintendo's server status for Christmas. (Poll)farmco612/24 11:25PM