Forget Dragon Quest 7, what we really need is:

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WillWare posted...
Binba442 posted...
No sales figures for US/EU on Wikipedia, but it did not sell well.

That would be why there's not going to be a sequel.

There's a difference between not going to be a sequel and SE not going to localize them because it did not sell well. The sequel did came out for 3DS and was in TC's first line. :/
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I'd rather have Dragon Quest 8.
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I think the only hope for it, is that DQ 9 Sold amazingly well, Over A million in US/EU, which is great for an obscure Handheld JRPG.

I think Jedward sold them on that ;)
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Binba442 posted...
Rocket Slime 3.

Pretty much a launch title in Japan, so few people bought Rocket slime 2, which was really sad, because it is one of the most overlooked, yet one of the best games on the DS.

No sales figures for US/EU on Wikipedia, but it did not sell well. On UK amazon, the thing USED is full DS Price, New, is about 69$

So much this! I love Rocket Slime and really hope the 3rd one gets localized!
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Eew DQ7.
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My plan was to get a 3DS when Terry's Wonderland is localized...