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2 years ago#21
OoSubaruoO posted...
This is seriously getting out of hand. Everything is getting hacked these days.

except Steam. It did get hacked once but everything was encrypted and there's no confirmed reports of anything coming from it.

Good Guy Gabe Newell.
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2 years ago#22
I can't wait for the inevitable Servant topic that says "Nintendo does not care about your privacy, unlike Sony!"
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2 years ago#23
zinformant posted...
These criminals make me sick. They're not contributing to society in any way.

they are helping Nintendo beef up their security and be more prepared for things like this again
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2 years ago#24
...Club Nintendo didn't get hacked.
This was an attack based on known username/password combinations.

It's about the same as giving your gamefaqs account username and password to a friend, then claiming GameFAQs was hacked when someone logs in with it.
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