Is there a place we can suggest Virtual console games?

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I have a Club Nintendo account and it's linked to my 3DS, but I'm not going to waste my time and their time by not giving serious answers unless I get sick of taking surveys and just want my coins. But honestly, I'm sure people just skim through those things if they even read them.

How is requesting games or features not a serious answer?

Because it has nothing to do with the survey. If I gave you a survey and you kept giving me answers that had nothing to do with what I'm asking you, I wouldn't even bother.

Then say it like this: "The Service is fairly good. however, there are a few games I think it needs-"

And then put in your personal wishlist. You get free coins from the survey anyways, might as well try to make something you want to happen become reality while getting the coins.
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I bash the eshop whenever they ask me what would make me return to it in the future. And I talk about the lack of game libraries for the 3ds VC (and the fact that you have to buy games all over again if you already bought them on the Wii VC, and the fact that there is no account system, etc).
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