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US N3DS XL owners: If the regular N3DS is released here, will you buy it? (Poll)
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LightElf112/26 8:53PM
So I guess the amiibo shortage isn't gonna get solved by the port strike end?objection21522/26 8:52PM
Played all KH games, but forgot stories.Okay to "start" with DDD?YHWH_Saves72/26 8:52PM
Soooo... Just snagged a MH new XL...MetalGearOnAcid72/26 8:43PM
Amiibo Dragon Ball Z Goku up on eBay!Spade21X42/26 8:42PM
Which of these games should I get? (Club Nintendo rewards)Chopy52/26 8:37PM
SD card questionAnygameAnytime42/26 8:37PM
I just want certain amiibos with blue box artultogamer22/26 8:35PM
Explain to me again because I'm not quite sure I understand it
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Meatballsoup122/26 8:33PM
with DKC back on VCKoKo000922/26 8:32PM
Confused about puzzle 56 in Professor Layton And The Azran Legacy (spoilers)NinjaKitsune32/26 8:25PM
What color would you want the next 3ds to be?strider_12352/26 8:22PM
Nintendo Reveal Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Bundle & Amiibo UnlocksFireBeaver22/26 8:13PM
For those who are holding out for the regular size N3DSAzn Psycho22/26 8:12PM
Well i just learned something about physical games and saves that may help you
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ysauve72182/26 7:59PM
Pokemon GEN IV remake discussion
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PiOverlord262/26 7:58PM
Another one of those awkward moment at Gamestop
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docman864302/26 7:55PM
First time owner of ANY handheld and I have some questions guys!grampamurked82/26 7:55PM
y i think the n3ds xl sucksFIR_FIR82/26 7:46PM
Does Majora's Mask get better?
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Merc123562/26 7:30PM