I bought FE:A digital day one but didn't get it registered...am I screwed?

#11mrjack3112Posted 7/9/2013 4:58:10 PM
wow cool! now I know
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mrjack3112 posted...
wow cool! now I know

Yep :). Atlus should be happy. I'm a little skeptical if I'll like the SMT main series(although I enjoyed Persona 4). But I couldn't pass up on the deal and if I wasn't able to get FE registered I wouldn't have went for it. Just pre-ordered it haha.
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What did you say? I didn't do the survey and it expired. With my luck they will say no.
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Taken from FE:A Board... E-Mail support with your issue and provide this info so they can manually register the game to your Club Nintendo account. Note: Your 3DS must already be registered to your Club Nintendo account for obvious reasons... So go do that first than e-mail support.

Email address
Country of Residence
Nintendo 3DS serial number
Full name of the game titles to be registered
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