What's the better Pokemon game duo out?

#1Sniper4hire8209Posted 7/13/2013 12:53:46 AM
I hear mixed opinions. I haven't heard of any pokemon since Gen 2. I was thinking HG/SS but others tell me to get B/W2
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#2EarthLord_CJPosted 7/13/2013 1:44:27 AM
B/W 2 is Gen 5. HG/SS is Gen 4.
So,y'know, if you want to say with the times, then go with B/W 2.

Though you could be asking something else here that I'm not getting. >__>

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#3almozayafPosted 7/13/2013 2:00:25 AM
or buy pokemon X/Y on October
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#4CaptainLukaPosted 7/13/2013 3:04:58 AM
I personally think HG/SS are the best Pokemon games I've ever played. I suggest playing one of those, then nabbing X or Y in October if you're still with Pokemon at that point.

Or, like someone else said, go B/W to stay current.
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#5mjalal100Posted 7/13/2013 3:42:03 AM
Here are the GameFAQ user averages for the current Pokemon games (with several hundred to thousands of vote for each game) based on collection stats. I think they're pretty accurate.

1. Pokemon White 2: 8.85
2. Pokemon HeartGold: 8.83
2. Pokemon SoulSilver: 8.83
4. Pokemon Platinum: 8.76
5. Pokemon Black 2: 8.74
6. Pokemon Black: 8.59
7. Pokemon White: 8.55
8. Pokemon Diamond: 8.36
9. Pokemon Pearl: 8.35

Big things to get out of these scores:

Remakes (BW2, Platinum, HGSS) tend to be better regarded than the original game. Many reasons- some include a better post game, more polish, a better variety of Pokemon, more features, subtle improvements.

There isn't a huge difference between the version you choose, in terms of quality.

The games aren't very far apart in quality- the difference between an 8.85 and an 8.35 is quite slight. In other words, it's perfectly acceptable to have Pearl be your favorite game and BW2 your least favorite. I think every single one of these games has a 4.5 star average on Amazon. You can't go wrong with any of them- the only exception being that Platinum is as a whole regarded as a much more polished version of Diamond and Pearl (so that's the one advised).
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#6Darth_KamcioPosted 7/13/2013 4:06:23 AM
If you stopped playing at gen II, I suggest HG/SS in order to catch up to the battle mechanics and other gameplay improvements while still retaining the familiarity of pokemon.

After that, I suggest gen 5. BW then B2W2 if possible, if not, just B2W2.
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#7PendragoonPosted 7/13/2013 9:19:58 AM(edited)
Start with HG/SS to ease you into the new mechanics. Grab a cheap copy of Diamond or Pearl as well. (Cheapest of the more current games online) This way you have a large pool of new and old Pokemon to draw on for the next step.

Grab a copy of B/W 1, there are no returning Pokemon until after the E4 so you get to learn a lot about the new Pokemon without a crutch to fall back on. Post E4 you can bring all your old pokemon over into Gen 5.

For B/W 2 if you want to play them, I suggest breeding eggs of all the Pokemon you want to use and trade them over as eggs and use that team to play through the game.

After this you have a whole set of Pokemon and games ready to make the jump to gen 6 on the 3DS.

If you truly get hooked, grab a DS Lite and some of the GBA games (FR/LG, RSE) and have every gen covered.
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#8Jack_the_monke7Posted 7/13/2013 10:14:10 AM
In my opinion, HGSS are the best Pokemon games that there are. They got me back into the series.
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