3DS analog unresponsive/slow response?

#1SNIvoryPosted 7/13/2013 3:00:22 AM
So my 3DS's analog stick, or, "circle pad" is either unresponsive, or responds within a second. Probably because of my 300+ hours spent on MH3U, but I digress. I first noticed it around two weeks ago, then it got progressively worse, to the point of being unresponsive or having 1 second response times. Haven't hunted since last week.

I tried calibrating it, no luck. I can even tell the response times are off during the green triangles part. The analog also has trouble going into diagonal positions, only reaches halfway. I tried blowing into it, like blowing into the DS's shoulder buttons. Didn't work. Tried picking out the weird grime in the small crevice with a paperclip. If it worked, I wouldn't be posting here asking for help, so you can guess how that went.

Bit of a dilemma, one of the games I've been waiting on for many, many years is about to come out for 3DS in less than 4 days. So I can't send it in for repairs, not just yet. Tried looking for replacement analog, all online shops either only ship to US, or I have to wait 1 week for shipping, which actually means 2. Can't afford another 3DS, I just bought mine a couple months ago.. Is there a simple fix to get it working? Anything, as long as it lasts 2 weeks or so. I'll just send it in to Nin10doh afterwards. Or better yet, is there a place that sells 3DS parts in the 604 region? Anywhere within the Lower Mainland, if anyone here knows, please let me know.