Suppose the Vita is SONY's last handheld console.What then? (3DS related)

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ROFL at thinking Microshaft would buy Nintendo.

Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo in the early 2000's. Look it up, Nintendo's major shareholder who owns over 50% of Nintendo refused to sell his shares to Microsoft.

Instead, Microsoft hired the American employees of Sega to make their Xbox.

Those same major employees were trying to get Sega Japan to work with Sony on a console just years before.
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yet hte 3DS is selling faster than the DS did and the DS is the best sellign game device in history....

The DS is the second best selling dedicated gaming device is history (154 million vs 155 million for the PS2.)

Must've missed the big news in December...

All you linked to was some random blog which, in turn, links to VGChartz. What's more, the VGChartz link is dead. I googled for it, but it seems the only ones sourcing this news everywhere are VGChartz. Most people don't trust VGChartz's methodology. The word from Nintendo is 153.87 million units sold as of the 31st of March.

For the PS2, The Escapist says that more than 155 million were sold as of January 4th, 2013 (the day the system was discontinued worldwide)

Ninty might still see the DS line pass the PS2; they only need to sell about one-and-a-quarter million units in the next year or two to achieve that.
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