Gameboy Mega Man games coming to VC

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SigmaHaciel posted...
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MM5 being the only one worth it considering it is the only different MM approach.

How is the approach different? It's MM4-6 with different robots. Fight 8 robots by one guy, find out it was Wily all along, stop him and save earth.

You didn't even play MM5 GBA then. Stop posting.

It's a Super Game Boy game. And Wily found Sunstar, made the star droids himself off of his model and tried to pretend it was all Sunstar.
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Nice, but I really hope this isn't all we'll be seeing from Capcom regarding the Mega Man series (aside from cameos).
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Board_hunter567 posted...
Nice, but I really hope this isn't all we'll be seeing from Capcom regarding the Mega Man series (aside from cameos).

Allegedly they have other stuff coming. Me personally? Not holding my breath.
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Heh, they've finally decided to pay attention to the Game Boy games again after releasing the first one and then forgetting about the rest? :P
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Mega Man Xtreme and Xtreme 2. Sweet. This wasn't the news I wanted but hey, I always wanted to play the GB games (for the classic series, i've played Xtreme 1 and 2 already)
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Only played MM1 and both Xtremes. Can't wait for the rest.
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Now Capcom decided to re-release the MM II-V GB for the 3DS. If they released the Mega Man Mania for the GBA in the past, I could buy it at once.

It could be sweet to play at full colors. The screenshots from the Mega man mania Images page is beautiful. Even the border is displayed in the game.

Here's the link:

Only MM V was programmed for Super Game Boy SNES. The 3DS doesn't have that option. Only in Black & White. At least I own the MM I thru V Game Boy games to play.