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Another one of those awkward moment at Gamestop
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Holy crap Codename S.T.E.A.M. Is coming soon
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locky723133/1 7:57PM
Opinions on the DKL games if I love the DKC games?
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VivaLaRazaLH243/1 7:49PM
Anyone else get their Smash Bros soundtrack today?
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XImperialDragon233/1 7:48PM
What did you do with your Skull Kid Figure ?
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Splatulated233/1 7:48PM
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Do Club Nintendo download game codes expire?
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Spent $100 and got seven 3ds games.
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Can you link more that 1 3ds to your Club nintendo account?mariopokefan1743/1 7:24PM
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So what functions do you think Amiibos will come to have?TheEpyon13/1 7:19PM
Are you screwed this remaining gen if you didn't upgrade?
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FIR_FIR133/1 7:14PM
How many streetpasses needed to max out plaza games / panels?myzz793/1 7:09PM
Could I find Mega Man amiibo's in-store?Ultitled73/1 7:00PM
Chances of scoring a Mega Man amiibo?
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Ocarina of time still 45 on e-shop
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